Bangladesh Association for the Aged and Institute of Geriatric Medicine (BAAIGM) emerged in 1970 as a non-political, non-governmental and voluntary organization. Since its inception, the association has been working with a firm conviction to provide services and care to the elderly. Most of the 7% elderly population in Bangladesh is poor. Moreover, many of those in the position of government employees, businessmen and high-ranking employees have made a special contribution to the formation of the country. Once upon a time, the elders of this country lived together in peace with their sons and daughters with enough respect. But those who have served the country are being separated from their families today. Junior family members do not want to live together with seniors. Even well-to-do family members are not paying much attention to the comfort of the elderly. As a result, many of them are suffering from helplessness, fear and anxiety. It is not uncommon for an elderly person whose children are living abroad to die without their help. A single family is being formed as opposed to a single family. As a result, many have to live alone. With the financial support of the Ministry of Social Welfare of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, an old age home and a 50-bed old hospital have been set up at the Bangladesh Veterans Welfare Association to overcome this helplessness. All the elders living in this old age home are living in helplessness and loneliness. By staying in the old age home, the elderly residents are getting the opportunity to receive medical services in the same manner as the general patients of the Sangha Hospital. The 50-bed veterinary hospital has all the facilities of medicine, dental, eye, ENT, heart disease, dermatology, psychiatry, ayurvedic, ultrasonogram, physiotherapy, pathology, ECG, echo, x-ray facilities. In addition, the association has TV, internet, newspaper, library, swimming pool and indoor sports facilities for the entertainment of the elderly. There are also multiple facilities for the elderly.

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